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TVonPC Sometimes fighting for Your PC Laptop makes life interesting too.
Sunday, 10 October 2010
Watch TV On Laptop In my family, fighting for our PC Laptop helps us stay together

Satellite TV Online

Quite a few years ago your world revolved around your new home and the only person who filled your world was your spouse. Life was fun and you enjoyed spending entire day waking up together, cooking, cleaning, watching TV and long walks together. Then of course life took a turn. Your family started growing and came the three babies one after another in a few years time. You world turned upside down and your days were filled running behind loads of work, changing nappies, cleaning milk bottles, looking after them all day long and you stopped watching TV. Now after ten years things have again changed and they have grown up and are all over the place playing. They have now taken over the TV and the job of bossing over the house. As parents you have remained the same and nothing has changed from doing your daily jobs.

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This is where the big fight that we talked about happens. The biggest fights on daily basis are to do with TV time and the program that each one wants to watch. Of course you as parents want to be able to allow limited time for watching TV to your kids. The other fight is between the kids for control over remote and each one wanting to watch h is own favorite channel. They often manage to bring the roof down, shouting, screaming and throwing things around including the remote.

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Now as parents you get to be the bosses and settle the matter amicably. Though they are agreeable to a limited TV time, You have a problem on hand with one TV in your living room and five members wanting to watch different channels . You may have already thought of buying another set for your bedroom. But then what about the demand from Kids for a TV in their bedrooms too. Of course you need to have a workable solution to this problem soon. Just let things be for a while and take a while to think of a solution.

Communication technology has variety of options for various users. You can watch TV on your Desktop or Laptop too. This may be the answer to your problem.You have a PC at home that you have installed for home use. For personal use and checking mails, you may be using a Laptop. Now at no extra investment on additional TV sets, you can get to watch TV on all these. There are two options that you can explore now to get the TV connection. First, speak to your DTH or cable operator to see if he can provide a wireless service to multiple systems in your home. The next option would be to explore high speed internet connection to connect your hardware to internet and watch TV through the internet connection. Of course within the house you can have a wireless network to connect all the hardware to a single net connection.

For children good programs on TV like sports, cartoons and educational programs are good. Similarly you want to watch TV on your own too. This solution can work for all.

Here is a quick resource for you to take a look at:

Posted by sergio92middleto at 12:27 AM EDT
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